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Spiritual Formation Groups

BIBLE ALIVE with Alumnus Fred Larmore, class of ’64

This bible study takes biblical narratives and examines individual application to daily lives. This class often combines with the personal stories of guest speakers. Meets Tuesday nights at 6:30, College Church 201. This class is open: for more information contact Fred at fred.larmore@gmail.com.



This 4-week study is more like a lab and less like a study. Participants will focus on one or two simple private prayer and fasting practices each week, and seek to implement what they have learned. Topics covered will include the agents, rather than the agency of prayer, the relationship of forgiveness and prayer, hindrances to prayer, and learning to listen. We will also participate in the time-honored practice of fasting by observing a guided fast each week, beginning with one meal in the first week progressing to several days by the end of the four weeks. Students with health concerns should consult their physician before participating in the fasting section, but all are welcomed to the study. This is an open study, but will be more beneficial if taken in its entirety.

This group will start after spring break.