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Summer Study Group: The Gospel of Mark and the Mystery of the Kingdom of God

What do we mean when we speak of God’s kingdom? What is it, where is it, and what does it have to do with us? Join us as we ponder these and other questions through a six-week study of Mark’s gospel. Though Mark may not answer all of them directly, it can teach us to recognize where God’s kingdom is–and, just as importantly, where it is not–and so shape and re-shape the ways we live and attend to the word.

The group will last six weeks. Outside reading (provided) is recommended but not required. While we understand that people have commitments that may prevent them from attending all sessions, we ask that you make sure you can attend at least five out of six sessions before registering.

When: Thursdays at 7pm EST, beginning July 1.
Where: Online

Registration for this group is now closed. Check with us again in the fall for more!