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Summer Study Group: The Moral Vision of Hebrews

How does scripture shape our ethical decisions? While all Christians would say that the Bible should inform their moral choices, we often lack a clear sense of the relevance of many biblical passages to the decisions of our everyday lives. In this study group, we will learn how the Bible can affect our ethical choices through an analysis of the letter to the Hebrews. In particular, we will examine how Hebrews forms our sense of moral judgment by presenting us with a particular vision of the world, a vision that does not tell us exactly what to do in any given situation so much as it reframes the ways we see it, in doing so opening up previously unnoticed avenues for ethical action.

The group will last six weeks. Outside reading (provided) is recommended but not required. While we understand that people have commitments that may prevent them from attending all sessions, we ask that you make sure you can attend at least five out of six sessions before registering.

When: Tuesdays at 7pm EST, beginning July 7.
Where: Online

Click here for more information. To register, contact Associate Director Jarrett Knight.