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Cogito Lectures

Our lecture series is dedicated to exploring a wide spectrum of subjects and is held several times a semester. Check out some of our latest lectures below:

Jesus and the Gym: Christian Engagement with Exercise by Andrew Borror of the University of Aberdeen


The Atrophied Imagination: Contemporary Art and the Recovery of a Theology of Inquiry by Andrew Hendrixson of Duke Divinity School


The Ethics of Modern Weapons by Dr. Richard Jordan of Baylor University


Past Cogito lectures have included the following:

  • Dangerous Tales: The Ethics of Biblical Storytelling in Antiquity and Today by Carrie Cifers
  • Contemplation and Truth by Dr. Kevin Hart
  • Russia and Tolstoy in the Light of the Present Catastrophe by Dr. Elena Glazov-Corrigan
  • Athens, Jerusalem: Overcoming the Exclusivist Paradigms of the Past by Dr. Kevin Corrigan
  • Reading Scripture for Life: Dr. Luke Timothy Johnson
  • Natural Law and Biology: Dr. Mike Stinson
  • The Notion of Personhood from a Legal Perspective: Ken Myers of Mars Hill Audio Magazine
  • Paul and the Stoics on the Nature of Human Freedom: Dr. Edward Dixon, Emory
  • The Academy Award Nominees for Best Picture and What It Tells Us about America: Dr. Drew Trotter, CCSC
  • God and Politics: The German Church Movement and the Third Reich: David Skove
  • Delight and the Law: Dr. Bob Hall, Hampden-Sydney
  • Jesus and the Law: A Rabbi Looks at Jesus’ Impact and Relationship to the Law: Rabbi Jamie Cohen